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About Spiral Tubes - Our History

Spiral Tubes Pty Ltd, originally dates back to 1969 when the company was originally called Third Angle Engineering and later renamed JT Chapman Engineering (after its founder, John Thomas Chapman; known locally as Jack). Spiral Tubes has always proudly had its roots in the Australian agricultural sector. Back then we provided a wide range of engineering-based products and services including the construction of farm sheds, farm gates, steel, gas and bolt sales and crane hire. We had an active machinery shop with highly experienced lathe operators turning out all sorts of agricultural products. All this on top of manufacturing spiral welded pipe.

During the 1970′ and eighties, more of our spiral tubes and spiral pipe products were utilised in dust and fume extraction, as well as the ducting industry. Our products were also commonplace in the structural engineering sector for applications including bridges and underground carparks, where the spiral pipe encases poured concrete in pylons.

Back then the Yarra Valley railway line was in operation out to Healesville. Some of our spiral welded pipe and tube was even transported by rail to customers interstate this way. The rail line closed in 1980.

During the eighties, transport networks for trucks expanded rapidly throughout both Victoria and the other prime wheat-producing States of Australia. Chapman Engineering operated its own small fleet of vehicles to transport grain auger barrel and spiral pipe to customers to many parts of Victoria, operating day and night and weekends, too. But as both the demands of customers and sizes of grain augers increased, Chapman Engineering had to turn to professional dedicated transport companies with vehicles large enough to deliver the improving and evolving product Australia wide.

The business that was Chapman Engineering was sold circa 2009. But a new business was formed years later at the bequest of old customers who had missed the contact and personal service. The business that is Spiral Tubes Pty Ltd today is a completely different animal. It has some of ‘the bones’ and knowledge of the old Chapman Engineering. But it is a much more streamlined, efficient and modern operation. And its focus is amongst other sectors, on servicing the grassroots Australian wheat farmer and those who help and supply them, wholesale and retail agricultural resellers.

Spiral Tubes is a business focused on delivering a high quality, cost-effective product in a timely manner in a manufacturing environment driven by safety and reinvestment in modern technology. We are always striving to improve our welding and roll forming capabilities. Always seeking better raw materials and always proactively engaging our staff to strive for better safe workplace outcomes. Spiral Tubes look to the future of where our wheat producer customers are going and plan ahead as to how to best serve them. Our business is very much about “doing now” and what must be done to cater for tomorrow and what changes that might bring to the industries we service.

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(03) 5962 5072

(03) 5962 5617

6 - 8 Ardill Street,
Healesville, 3777

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